business with ecological principles

Olot’s Logistic Centre for Bicycles follows a policy of ecological principles from its inception. Bicycle hire and all services surrounding this activity are directly involved in the natural space of the Garrotxa. The conservation of nature and the use responsible for its resources as well as the dissemination of these values are present in all the activities of the company. Our aim is to create the minimum negative impact on the local, social, environmental and economic environment.
The philosophy of the four errors and Km0 are some of the guidelines we take into account in our day-to-day lives. We are striving to implement actions that benefit our human, community and planet equipment.

Practice of our ecologic prosecution polytica:
. We’re looking for involvement and participation in popular activities that drive the use of the bike for everyday life.
. Collaborates on projects aimed at giving opportunities to groups at risk of social exclusion.
. We serve and put our resources into activities aimed at people with reduced mobility or special needs.
de We organize our projects to maximize the Co2 footprint.
. Within the company, we practice the classification of waste and the use of biodegradable products as well as the responsible use of energy and water.
. Promoting a healthy life and in contact with the environment.


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