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Educational, cultural and scenic cycling routes

The Logistic Center for Bicycles, we offer for companies (societies, schools, Tour Operators…) the following services:

– Bicycle rent (cyclotourism, BTT and electricity) applying 10% discount to be a large group (30 maximum bike per group) or to be a Promotion.
– Hit rent
– Bicycle and staff transport from place to place
– Accompaniments, guides and van tracking.

– Preservation must be made in order to prepare the necessary material and staff.
– Let’s make budget adapted to the suitability of each company.

The Logistic Bike Centre puts at your disposition a team of guides specialized in pedagogic, cultural or scenic tours, so that you may enjoy of your experience on the bike. Thanks to their knowledge of the bike guided routes you will enjoy from all that the territory has to offer.

We are always open to organize routes tailored to those interested in more concrete aspects of the zone: the Garrotxa´s volcanoes, the study of the natural environment, credits for schools, guided visits to the medieval villas of Besalu and Santa Pau or any other personalized activity.

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